Journal 16: Scary Man

So I was on facebook just browsing through until someone shared this video:

It was pretty shocking to see all of these kids in the streets doing bad things with their lives. Not all people in jail are necessary bad people but they definitely aren’t innocent. Similar to motivation and opportunity, don’t wait to change your behavior when you’re comfortable but it starts now. No matter how tough you think you are, there are always someone tougher. Just like no matter how smart you think you are, there are always someone smarter. Choose your path and your destiny right. Don’t end up in jail and ruin your life. There is a lot of opportunity to make things right but its more easy to make life wrong. All it takes is one bad life decision and its all over.


Journal 15: Motivation

Everybody needs motivation. Education changes situation. All this talk is only a little blood rush to make you move at your fastest pace in your mind. But the mindset and the action are 2 different things. Opportunity isn’t comfortable. Its not going to wait for you to get comfortable to be successful. I think success is when you feel imminent danger that you will fail and lose something precious in exchange to have a 1% success rate to do something you always wanted to do right. When you step on that stage and succeed with 99% chance of failure that’s when your moment to shine on that stage arrives. Remember: Success and opportunity is not comfortable. You sacrifice comfort for the ability to become your ultimate self. Nothing in life is a walk in the park.

So Step 1: not motivated? watch this video

you decide step 2.

Journal 14: Computing is cheap

Nowadays computing is cheaper than ever. Ever since the raspberry Pi came out, a computer could be brought for a price of a pizza. Its amazing how far this industry has gone since. You know, plug in some USB, read some manuals and you are set up. You always wanted to become big or making some big project, well no excuses with only 20 dollars. These computers a just few years back we’d spend a few hundred dollars to have this 4 core processor and 1 gig of ram. Most of all even if we had a computer with this much potential back then, it would draw out so much power. This is how far modern society has come. Of course, out of the box doing graphic work or anything 3d is not going to cut it. But using this computing could be changing situations. You can buy one of these and learn programming or make hack-able projects and create a new blue print for one of these. These 20 dollar devices allow you to run any distribution of Linux or android and have support to 4k. So whether you wanna do something creative or just have fun watching and playing, you will be educated and use this thing as a main device at home. This device is truly remarkable. Thank you, Raspberry Pi for being a big pioneer of cheap computing and bringing the price down for these devices. Never stop innovating. The future is bright and bold… and cheap!

Journal 13: Streetdancing Competition



Streetdancing is an creative expression on how you feel you should react to music at any given given time. I love the art and the creativity that surrounds this passion. Some creativity requires a lot of patience and strength to get stronger. Some creativity requires flexibility. But whatever you bring to the table it deserves to be respected. You know, Just encountering a competition ‘Nothing 2 Looz 2014’ is pretty amazing. This ‘Team 2 vs Team 4’ battle feature few of my favorite dancers of all time . This is a face-off in a battle of incredible moves. Hong 10(breakdancer), Salah(popper), Kazuki Rock (break dancer), Vovan(locker) and Lil Zoo(break dancer) and truth be told they are all amazing. But these few I have seen more consistently perform to today’s standard of street dancing. I think some of these guys are pretty old in this art form and has been consistently performing through both eras of streetdancing. Since the artform has just erupted into society and in today’s era. I like this art. Its raw, its creative. I dance a little bit but its nothing like this. This stuff is pretty insane and I love the dedication they make to perfecting signature styles and giving us the fans, the best show possible. Some people are lacking a little though. So hopefully, they get better and return into rare form.

Journal 12: Ted talk not tedious talk


I really hate distractions. They take away so much of your time. I just want to get rid of them. Mr Hyde wants to take away time for you, Dr Jekyll. Its not fair. Sometimes its not so bad. Lets eliminate bad distractions and perhaps welcome those that may seem strange at first but perhaps can open and pave more doors and paths for you. Watching TV for two days in a row probably won’t develop you as a person and its nothing more than a waste of time. A waste of waste. But if you are working on a engineering project then suddenly find yourself in graphic design or art. It may be time to give it a shot. Life is short, your life ambitions can only be expressed in so much time. Its a perfect time to find yourself rather than being a depressed office worker. Its not about what seems prestigious but its what seems prestigiously you or what ever. What I am saying is try not to get distracted but be distracted sometimes.

Journal 11: Gamification

I never thought I would be so engaged in a topic which seems so boring on the surface. But real world problems and economic improvement has some underlying dependency on proper application of Gamification. Gamification is basically making a game out of something thats not a game. I mean people enjoy learning if they see something visual they can gain from it. People will enjoy buying more if they see something beneficial from buying more. Such applications of it is in the Starbucks app where they give you free starbucks after a certain number of Starbucks purchases. They give you ranks whee you are placed into memberships which makes you a customer and a character in this game where you want to rank to the top to reap in the most discounts and benefits and what not. But to achieve such a status overtime, you would be spending quite a lot.

Gamification brings attraction. It brings awareness. Freerice uses this as a awareness to world hunger. Many games such as candy crush makes you urge for more game play as they introduce more levels and more reasons to splurge money on the company. Such a simplistic app on the surface is worth 2 billion dollars. I think there should be a better use for Gamification though. I realized people love randomness in Gamification. Randomness keeps people going like slot machines. Some games use this as a way to draw a player. Gambling industries are loaded. They are more loaded than major baseball leagues and gaming companies. Yet people spend just a few cents at a time. That’s because millions do it. They like the chances of spending very low amounts in the possibility of earning several million times what they spent however in large quantities of not winning the gambling industry makes large quantity of currency.

Perhaps there should  be a gamification app for donations for causes that deserve attention. I think a concept for it can be designed and I want to start a contribution probably sometime.

Journal 10: The journey

I am currently reading 10 days of self discipline by Theodore Bryant, and it is rather an interesting book which its abstract approach. It tells you everything about you that you really didn’t know about. It tells you theres a Mr. Hyde in all of us. We are all Dr. Jekell but we have a second persona. This book tells us that we don’t have to destroy Mr. Hyde in order to become productive at what we do. All it takes is 10 days to get better at self discipline. The book uses reflection as a means to really have images sink in. As I am on day 1: Reflection on the fear of failure. Mr Hyde may stop me from doing certain things but I should self talk myself to over take Mr hyde and drown out his voice. After all its his voice that makes us avoid our task. We are afraid to fail, we are afraid to succeed. But we must understand, we haven’t really lived life until we have taken a stand for ourselves and actually work toward our beliefs.

Journal 9: Yale Hacks

The trip was a pretty amazing experience. I went from the city to Connecticut. The ride that was provided took longer than I expected (5 hours) however it was worth it. There, I got to try out soy lent 2.0 some weird formula drink that basically had the same contents as a ordinary meal at least in vitamins. There is where I spent the next 36 hours at. I sat there typing away ideas. There were many sponsors there, Microsoft, Bloomberg, Intuit, Finra, Hp, well you get the idea. They were even offering jobs for students who were in the look out. What an awesome proposition. I was definitely excited. I learned to set up a server in Node Js. I managed to also write a prototype app in that time. Great fun.

Journal 8: Hacking with people

Hacking not hacking, well its not hacking in the way most people generalize the term “hacking” as. For my case, the hacking I do is to help people and to create things. Not destroy and harm people. Its ironic both terms can represent the same thing. Any how, I went to Heroes vs Hackers in Rise NY, and It was a great experience. My team managed to place overall winner along with another team. Had a fun time brainstorming and hacking that day!

Journal 7:Before my passion for computer Science

I grew my fascination in computers when I was 9 years old when I first played my first video game called Math blaster, I didn’t like math but I liked “gaming”. It gave me a sense of interactivity. Even if it was me against the enviornment of the game, it was extremely surreal. The enviornment is changed by your ability to crunch numbers. It was then I found flash and video editting. However, I didn’t get into flash programming but I did get into video editing when i was 10 or 11 years old. It was the start of my real fascination.